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Taking Action, Learning Lessons

The Gift of Retrogrades:  T-Squares and Learning the Lessons

By Allison Ayala

This is a picture of what the planets look like today in the sky.  There is a T-Square, involving the Cardinal signs of Aries, Capricorn and Cancer.  Libra is left empty in the sky watching the fireworks across the way.

A T-square is an astrological aspect that creates a right angled triangle- here we see an opposition occurring between the North and South Nodes of the moon, in Cancer and Capricorn, respectively, and the Square is created in their connection to Mercury and Venus in Aries.

The Cardinal T-Square is the most ambitious of all in that it promotes independence, and it ignites the drive to accomplish, and not only accomplish- succeed.  This is a good day to tackle those business and/or personal goals that have been nagging at you.  It may take a little extra push to get through it, but this actually is a good use of the energy, rather than just feeling the frustration build.  The frustration is building because something wants to happen.  Move.  Create momentum.

And while, this is a good day to look challenges in the eye, initiate new activities and act upon creative ideas, please remember to be gentle with colleagues, coworkers, family members.  Even though it may feel like you don’t need anyone’s help, it’s important to realize that you cannot do this all alone.  With Libra (ruler of partnerships) out of the mix and the Ram of the zodiac feeling some tension/power, this is sound advice.

The T-Square will not be in effect for very long because the planets involved move very quickly, and so, we will move through the aspect very quickly too.  Use the energy while it is available.

In the meantime, we have a much bigger and slower moving theme playing out in the skies.  We have the incredible meeting of Saturn, South Node and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.  The dance between these cosmic giants has been impacting us for months, especially now, in consideration of the fact that both Saturn and Pluto have turned retrograde.  They’ve been in a deep, cosmic embrace for months now, taking us ever deeper into the exploration of personal truths and how those truths relate to power and destiny.  This is definitely a time for hidden soul revelations that lead to incredible personal transformations.

However, these transformations only come after a brutally honest look within.  Saturn specifically is teaching us lessons about boundaries.  Pluto is specifically teaching us about the proper use of power.  Add in a healthy dose of karmic release and we have one hell of a soul remedy the universe has concocted for us.

We are being given a genuine opportunity for releasing old karmic patterns here.  These are patterns that no longer serve the highest possible outcome, and the universe is sincerely guiding us towards our highest potential.  All of the time.  It is just up to us to recognize it.  What a gift!!  Don’t miss it because you think it should arrive in a certain way.

Be open to self inquiry, because this kind of reward requires a certain willingness to take the deep dive into hidden truths. Go within and look at how you’ve arrived to where you are at this place in time.  Here are some questions to ponder-

Do you have appropriate boundaries when it comes to who you share your life with?

Do you have appropriate boundaries around time, money and work schedules?

How has the proper use of your personal power shown up in recent months?

What power struggles are you engaged in- either internally or externally?

What life lessons are up for review for you at this time?

What are you dancing with and what is burning inside the fires of your devotion?

What have you realized about your destiny?

As you move through this particular retrograde cycle, keep these questions in mind and return to them as needed.  Create a personal boundary statement to honor your time, space and value.  Create a list of lessons learned, and move on, so as not to repeat them.  Pay attention to what shows up in front of you, because it is a reflection of your own state of consciousness, and remember- the more you react to something, the bigger the lesson.

And while you’re at it, take time to smile…enjoy the dance!